Kindly find the below process that has been implemented in Souq .com so it can give you a clear idea regarding the case

1- Seller name X list an item with a great attributes & images & content, his item will be targeted or called main item

2- Seller Y name list the same item on seller X , we dedupe the item under the targeted item so the offer of seller Y will be shown not the item

Deduping items in souq maintain & ensure many points as below

•Number of listing in the website will be decreased since there in so duplicated items

•Searching engine will get the result in any search more faster & accurate since the targeted items is filled correctly with all full details that can the buyers be needed to know

•Buyers experience & behavior looks for the item & then the offers Under , not on how many items was found in the website

•Targeted items is been promoted by concern team to make sure that the targeted deserve to be number one and any new listing for the same item must be an offer

•Encouraging all sellers to look in our Souq.com cataloger before selling their items so we can reduce time lose for then in listing as they can easily & fast list an offer under the targeted item

Hope the above can give you a clear idea regarding the dedupe & rejection process, for any further request appreciate to contact our Global support team on content@souq.com

Thanks for selling in Souq.com

Global Content Operations