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When the product title does not contain Enough information about the product , The title must contain 1 or 2 of the product specifications (Color , Brand , Model number ,...etc. )


Taking into consideration that the title must not contain the below:

1. Promotional Words (New, Original, Top Quality, Etc.).


2. Warranty info.


3. Contact information such as Email address, Phone address and Home address.


4. Special Characters (@,$,# ..Etc.).


5. Typos: Spelling mistakes, sentence without space.


6. URL.


The rejection reasons that we use regarding title:

- Title cannot contain: promotional information, contact information, special characters, typos, and/or URLs.

- Title does not reflect your product. Please provide sufficient product related information in title, double check spelling. 




Accepted Title:




The title has all the needed information about this watch:

- Brand: August Steiner

- Model Number: AS8118YG

- Band Material: Stainless Steel …Etc.




Rejected Title:



The title is rejected for the following reasons:


- Title does not contain any product specifications

- Typo Spelling Mistakes (Watttch) and sentence without space (NewOriginal)

- Promotional Words (New Original Top Quality)

- Warranty info (1 year warranty)

- Special Characters (@)

- URL (www.***.com)

- Contact Information (tele:07777**)

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