Our Moderation team checks product images, they will primarily look for the below topics:

- Minimum acceptable image size 300*300 or 90 k+
- Use white backgrounds.
- No watermark or URLs, Ideally the main image should display only the product, without any added text, ribbons, marketing keywords or badges.

- Image should match the product
- Image should follow local image guidelines in your country

The rejection reasons that we use regarding images:


- Image(s) should only show the actual product you’re selling, nothing else (preferably white background).


- Product image(s) must be visually clear and readable to reflect product specifications, title, offer, and description. Preferably 300x300 or larger in size. Please replace image(s).


- Contents of the image(s) not acceptable in the country site it is posted in.


- Product in image(s) does not reflect title, description and or specifications provided.




Accepted Image:


---------------------------------- 300 Pixel ----------------------------------

The image is Clear with white Background and height and width = 300 pixel or 90k+



Rejected Image:


The image is not clear, multiple items (extra item included Watch Band), water mark, contact info and URL.

Thanks for selling in Souq.com


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