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Taxonomy related glossary

Category: A Large Domain that groups categories, Leafs and item types that share relevant Functionality and logical orientation, which can be aligned against individual type’s technical manufacturing purpose.

Examples of a Category Name in Souq: Electronics, Tools & Home Improvement


Item Type: Group of items that shares manufacturing purpose

Examples of an item type Label: Chargers, Mobile Phones, Televisions, and Watches


Attributes: groups of Datasets that combines values used to describe specific information about an item.

Example of an Attribute Label: Brand, Type, Display Size, Gender


Values: Bilingual text that is filled as a displayed value next to the hosting attributes. For most Dataset Attributes, Souq have libraries available for selection.

Examples of a value: 64 GB, Qtab, Leather


The Creation & amendments for any of the above are done by Souq Taxonomy Department under Catalog Operations, for more information contact

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